The State of Black S**t 2021: Coronavirus, a Black Bachelor & Police Brutality | The Daily Show

29 apr. 2021
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From police brutality to the first Black Bachelor, Roy Wood Jr. recounts all kinds of Black s**t from the last year in 2021’s State of Black S**t address. #DailyShow #RoyWoodJr #JointAddress
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  • Is Meghan Markle spilling the tea supposed to be a pun? Lol😁

    Ernest OnwonaErnest OnwonaAcum 4 Zile
  • Can someone explain this to me: "If you want to get to the white house, you need to go through it ladder/letter first".

    Willem KaretWillem KaretAcum 4 Zile
  • "Where we is?" Love it.

    GodofPainBelialGodofPainBelialAcum 6 Zile
  • 🤣 where we is? Got me

    Williams SolanoWilliams SolanoAcum 6 Zile
  • I know I had to go to the public toilet twice the one that was near her

    Theodore HyczkoTheodore HyczkoAcum 6 Zile
  • I have comfort that Kamala Harris is in the White House. “America isn’t racist”even though she wouldn’t have gotten in the position if police brutality and the killing of an unarmed black man didn’t happen. If 45 didn’t abandon Americans during a pandemic and if George Floyd wasn’t murdered Kamala would not be in office. She’s already proved to be a puppet.

    MyVersionofEventzMyVersionofEventzAcum 6 Zile
  • #TogetherEvery1AchievesMore TEAM!

    Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAMTogether Every1 Achieves More #TEAMAcum 7 Zile
  • What Black women ...looool

    Wayne smithWayne smithAcum 7 Zile
  • Pure gold

    Willis WalkerWillis WalkerAcum 8 Zile
  • Says the privileged black man.

  • where we is?

    Mandlenkosi SitholeMandlenkosi SitholeAcum 8 Zile
  • *Black and South East Asian Woman. Because it's also a milestone for South East Asia representation and that community as well (and she recognizes both of her identities).

    neesha901neesha901Acum 8 Zile
  • The. Duke of Bridgerton actor is Zimbabwean. Just saying. Yeah.

    V BarleV BarleAcum 8 Zile
  • ❤️❤️❤️REJOICE!!!!

    Mistress MidnightMistress MidnightAcum 8 Zile
  • Let's free all African American prisoners on Death Row. Free all African American prisonners and give them a new start. So no racism will be blamed to anyone. Law Breaking immunity for everyone. Because police won't do any harm to anyone.

    Robert SanchezRobert SanchezAcum 9 Zile
  • Stacey abrams is the future VP. Kamala for president first.

    Melody MathildeMelody MathildeAcum 9 Zile
    • You mean George soros for president. .they are both tools with puppet strings, and uncle George pulls the strings, gtfoh.

      Jim MorrisonJim MorrisonAcum 8 Zile
  • Attractive? Yeah right hahaha

    Humberto Mqz del S y MHumberto Mqz del S y MAcum 9 Zile
  • I'm so happy that I found this today 🙏🤣

    JA ruleJA ruleAcum 9 Zile
  • Not the "pull out king of bridgerton" 🤣🤣🤣

    Avis RobinsonAvis RobinsonAcum 9 Zile
  • I appreciate Roy recognizing the subtle difference between "where we is" and "where we at". Many folks would have chosen incorrectly. Well done, sir.

    Corbin HendersonCorbin HendersonAcum 9 Zile
  • The pullout king 🤣😂🤣

    LA JamesLA JamesAcum 9 Zile
  • You can do ALL the Black talk you want to. But as soon as you start warring people about that poison vaccine....You will get Cut Off....✂

    Angela McGowanAngela McGowanAcum 10 Zile
  • Roy "the best"

    Carolina BCarolina BAcum 10 Zile
  • Protesters: we don't have knives, guns, or bats. You can't hurt us legally Police: you made my ego fear for its life, probable cause, fire at will

    Moe MoneyMoe MoneyAcum 10 Zile
  • Chet Hanks is NOT invited.c

    Melissa M - Naturealizta.beautyMelissa M - Naturealizta.beautyAcum 10 Zile
  • Roy is the best 😊😎👏

    Laura BellLaura BellAcum 10 Zile
  • I catch this every year😂😂

    Luncedo SandileLuncedo SandileAcum 10 Zile
  • Jimmy Kimmel has the blackest backyard in America? lol I think he'd be into it

    Choco XochitlChoco XochitlAcum 11 Zile
  • *sigh* now I want to start a tik tok tread for "the guppy"

    Nick SteinNick SteinAcum 11 Zile
  • 💯

    Filip PortmanFilip PortmanAcum 11 Zile
  • Is that the "Uncle Tim" the View made fun of?

    YouTube ModeratorYouTube ModeratorAcum 11 Zile
  • PSA: if you're getting your news from comedy central, you're the joke.

    Ballstavius DeadeyesBallstavius DeadeyesAcum 11 Zile
  • been looking forward for this address

    zippers987zippers987Acum 11 Zile
  • Roy is just amazing! A well delivered speech with excellent precision and truth. The Daily Show crew is just awesome. I love you guys. thanks for all you do

  • I have been WAITING for this so I could be updated on "where we is"

    roseofoulesfameroseofoulesfameAcum 11 Zile
  • “The Rona managed to do in weeks what the US criminal justice system has been trying to do for centuries: lock up every black person in America.” Bruh...

    JR DensonJR DensonAcum 11 Zile
  • If you flew delta they would rout you the ATL for an LA to San Diego flight.

    DeusExCanisDeusExCanisAcum 11 Zile
  • In my perfect world, I want Stacy Abrams as my neighbor, Greta Thunberg as the girl down the street who babysits, Kamala Harris as my kid's High School history teacher and John Fetterman on my softball team. Is that weird?

    Manuel FestoliManuel FestoliAcum 11 Zile
  • Stacy Abrams . . . an amazing role model for all of us !!!

    Nancy NNancy NAcum 11 Zile
  • I love everything about this video

    K AK AAcum 11 Zile
  • Chauvin did the same thing to a 17 year old.

    hegiratchegiratcAcum 11 Zile
  • I thank you for your serious and enlightened knowledgeable job

    LeoFarm QueenLeoFarm QueenAcum 11 Zile
  • Roy for President !!🍾🎉

    laurentHKlaurentHKAcum 12 Zile
  • Stop separating!!! White peoples got killed for no reason. ALL NATIONALITIES HAVE GOTTEN KILLED FOR NO REASON. I keep hearing equally but I still keep hearing there isn’t. Stop separating. Btw that was funny.

    Joannie ShurtzJoannie ShurtzAcum 12 Zile
  • Aliens: Which ones are the black people? Humans are pretty much identical.

    Iris OscurisIris OscurisAcum 12 Zile
  • Love how he enunciates the word “black” every time he says it.

    Joe CJoe CAcum 12 Zile
  • Bruh, I laughed too much when he said where he be makin his speech. Lol

    Dan Onil GalangDan Onil GalangAcum 12 Zile
  • Bruh, I laughed too much when he said where he be makin his speech. Lol

    Dan Onil GalangDan Onil GalangAcum 12 Zile
  • I need a Black Blackity Blackest T-shirt for the summer...

    K LioK LioAcum 12 Zile
  • Content aside, Roy somehow looks like MLK to me.

    ΔΕΛΤΑΔΕΛΤΑAcum 12 Zile
  • Waiting for The Guppy challenge 2021

    Comment HighlightedComment HighlightedAcum 12 Zile
  • Yeah but they passed and anti Asian hate bill in weeks, yet no bill was passed for black people. Puts things in to perspective huh?

    SGGSGGAcum 12 Zile
  • Black ... Blackety ... Blackest ... the sign on his podium 🤣

    fourdotsYTfourdotsYTAcum 12 Zile
  • I don't see Kamala as black.

    PaulinchenPaulinchenAcum 12 Zile
  • Roy is absolutely hilarious! He killed this!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dee BrownDee BrownAcum 12 Zile
  • Sharing

    E K DaufinE K DaufinAcum 12 Zile
  • I did not know Steven A smith does Comedy too 😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

    Jayy DamourJayy DamourAcum 12 Zile
  • You look great Roy! Like well rested. Missed seeing your segmentS👊🏾👊🏾❤️❤️

    Yasmine's Cooking ShowYasmine's Cooking ShowAcum 12 Zile
  • Love Roy's vision of the future. Except... The Gorilla Glue thing. 😂

    The Shrestha DudeThe Shrestha DudeAcum 12 Zile
    • I haven't had my hair relaxed in a year and I'm gettign desperate!

      VanyadollyVanyadollyAcum 12 Zile
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    The Nesbitt ExperienceThe Nesbitt ExperienceAcum 12 Zile
  • Roy is so funny. One of my favorite comedians.

    Marcina Faith AlbertMarcina Faith AlbertAcum 12 Zile
  • roy, you're a national treasure

    SammySammyAcum 12 Zile
  • "You did police brutality at a police brutality march" is so ironic it makes my brain hurt

    Bri L.J.Bri L.J.Acum 12 Zile
  • Too bad Patrisse Cullors couldn't be mentioned. She's done soooo much for the community!

    Rodent's RevengeRodent's RevengeAcum 12 Zile
  • Obey the law.

    Joe LohJoe LohAcum 13 Zile
  • Roy how come you didn't mention Chadwick Boseman?

    maludawg1023maludawg1023Acum 13 Zile
  • Don't give Kamala Harris credit, aside his ethnicity there is nothing he could do better than any other stereotypical right wing democrat

    AnomalocarisAnomalocarisAcum 13 Zile
  • "For too long our nation has been forced to watch only white men get chlymida in a hot tub on prime time tv! We did it doctor king, your dream is happening" LAMO😂😂😂

    Malcolm JubanMalcolm JubanAcum 13 Zile
  • Roy Wood Jr is a national treasure ❤️

    Kevin ConnKevin ConnAcum 13 Zile
  • I would love to meet Roy wood Jr and just have a deep but funny conversation with him😅😅

    Notorious 8lackinkNotorious 8lackinkAcum 13 Zile
  • Google Mark Blanton the real Southafrica

  • Loved this, Roy, but......How could you forget Anthony Mackie as Captain America?!

    Dési PelouseDési PelouseAcum 13 Zile
  • "And Chet Hankx" 😂😂😂

    blahness2009blahness2009Acum 13 Zile
  • He ain't lying about the diverted flights to Atlanta. Makes no sense at all 🤣🤣🤣

    Kristen CameronKristen CameronAcum 13 Zile
  • He brought up the Gorilla glue thing 🤣🤣

  • First

  • I wrote you a long salute then hit cancel by mistake. Will rewrite it later......tis dinner time here!

    WishIWasALeopard NefatiriWishIWasALeopard NefatiriAcum 13 Zile
  • All hail the duke!

    Oge MaronyOge MaronyAcum 13 Zile
  • This is a top tier segment

    Val GrayVal GrayAcum 13 Zile
  • I live for this annual address.

    Omega ZapruderOmega ZapruderAcum 13 Zile
  • Where we is ????? Me: I’s here 😂

    Janice JenniferJanice JenniferAcum 13 Zile
  • #justiceforGanapathy #malaysinIndianLifematter The same police brutality happening in malaysia.

    Francis DFrancis DAcum 13 Zile
  • Get Down Roy this Is Very Amusing thanks!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝💕

    Ms. MarshaMs. MarshaAcum 13 Zile
  • Roy Wood, Jr. is hilarious 😹😹 However , Roy spoke “ The Truth 💪🏽

    Sabrina DoctorSabrina DoctorAcum 13 Zile
  • Roywood is the best

    Peter GarciaPeter GarciaAcum 13 Zile
  • That's when Jordan took it personally

    Eduardo Grasso TVEduardo Grasso TVAcum 13 Zile
  • Dear Roy Wood Super, where can I purchase a lapel pin that says “Black, Blackity, ✊🏿, Blackest”? Do you sell them? Will you sell me one?

    Panda PandaPanda PandaAcum 13 Zile
  • @2:58 "We did it Dr.King".😂

    Opinions are like assholes, Everybody has oneOpinions are like assholes, Everybody has oneAcum 13 Zile
  • You need a show!!! Kudos

    kaveman liveskaveman livesAcum 13 Zile
  • I enjoy your sardonic wit. Clever.

    Steve NickersonSteve NickersonAcum 13 Zile
  • “We’ll even like to thank the police...y’all showed up to a police brutality March...and performed police brutality” ☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣😭😭

    Kevin WashingtonKevin WashingtonAcum 13 Zile
    • Says the racist black.

  • Love this guy! Endless stream of broad spectrum satire, delivered with quantum level precision. Radiating my defenceless mind and tickling my heart.

    Johan JanssonJohan JanssonAcum 13 Zile
  • Any video with Roy in it I have to watch... Not that I don't click on other videos but Roy, I start laughing before you even say anything.

    Siya XSiya XAcum 13 Zile
  • Roy, you look ashy 😂

    Moji OkedaraMoji OkedaraAcum 13 Zile
  • Why doesn't Roy Wood Jr. have his own talk show yet?

    RehanRCRehanRCAcum 13 Zile

  • Even though he's a comedian by trade, Roy Wood JR would be amazing as MLK in a serious movie.

    Jered AlmeidaJered AlmeidaAcum 13 Zile
  • As Trevor Noah once said, person is called mixed race or colored until they are famous but Once that person is famous he or she becomes black. Anyone can be white or colored but you need work hard to be called black in America 🤣.

    Shabbir BeigShabbir BeigAcum 13 Zile
  • i absolutely love this segment! never miss out

    Nur Izzati KhairuddinNur Izzati KhairuddinAcum 13 Zile
  • They showed up to a police brutality protest AND DID POLICE BRUTALITY. That really hammers home the point.

    Pac manPac manAcum 13 Zile