This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 4/26/21 | The Daily Show

2 mai. 2021
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America begrudgingly agrees to help India with their COVID outbreak, states struggle to incentivize people to get vaccinated, and a development from Costco signals a return to normalcy. Here are this week’s coronavirus updates. #DailyShow
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  • This vid ‘Breaks guidelines’ for arguing against the CDC. But Trevor is a democrat so they won’t remove it like they do for doctors and republicans. 🙄

    Jon FJon FAcum o Zi
  • \\\ CONTROL of 3 Virus Diffusing NET Gradients /// through BORDERS of US, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany, Israel in preventing a million more pandemic deaths? [1][2],['in'] May 10, 2021: 1) Pandemic Deaths, 2) Deaths/1M, 3) Key Variable Case Fatality Rates, in %, are 3 key dynamic variables in national, states, counties, cities, rural districts, provinces control of Net Virus Diffusion Directions driven by 3 Border Diffusion Gradients, BDG, while variants cross borders by BDG & vaccines defeat not some, 'in', Id.: _____________________________________ US 594,059 1,816 1.78% v. Canada 24,489 661 1.94% v. Mexico 218,173 1,729 9.25% v. e.g.: Cayman Ilnds 2 30 0.37% v. Iceland 29 6 0.45% v. British V Ilnds 1 33 0.46% v. SnMRTN Ilnd 12 369 0.68% v. Alska 0.52%, Uth 0.56%, PrtRic 0.93% v. Between Counties, cities, Rural Districts ______________________________________ China 5.11% v. Hong Kong 210 28 1.78% v. Mongolia 153 48 0.35% v, Bhutan 1 1 0.08% v. Taiwan 12 1 1.02% v. Kazakhstn 3,853 207 1.14% v. Diaoyu Ilands, Provinces, Municipalities. ._____________________________________ Russia 112,622 780 2.32% v. Ukraine 45,830 1,027 2.18% v. Hungary 28,403 2,908 3.60% v. Poland 69,445 1,829 2.46% v. Kazakhstan 3,853 207 1.14% v. Finland 922 167 1.04% v. Estonia 1,193 903 0.96% v. 12 more bordering countries, Id. ______________________________________ Brazil 417,176 1,992 2.78% v. Vnzula 2,244 70 1.10% v. Urgwy 2,972 845 1.39% v. Argentin 66,263 1,489 2.14% v. Pragwy 6,883 989 2.36% v. Colomb 76,4141 539 2.59% v. Peru 63,223 1,976 3.45% v. Boliv 13,151 1,158 4.19% v. Eqdr 19,018 1,113 4.81% _____________________________________ India 235,189 174 1.09% v. Pakistan 18,677 88 2.20% v. Nepal 3,519 127 0.95% v. Srllnk 745 34 0.61% v. Bngldsh, Mldvs, Bhutan, Id. __________________________________ Germany 84,924 1,024 2.43% v. Denmark 2,495 430 0.97% v. NL 17,290 1,003 1.12% v. Swzlnd 10,698 1,256 1.60% v. Austria 10.351 1,170 1.65% v. Czech 29,608 2,786 1.80% v. France 105,850 1,580 1.85% v. Belgium 24,444 2,140 2.43% _____________________________________ Israel 6,374 717 0.76% v. Jordan 9,047 909 1.26% v. Egypt 13,714 139 5.85% v. Syria 1,631 93 7.03% v. Cyprs 328 276 0.48% v. UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Malta ______________________________________________________________________ NO BORDERS, NO VIRUS in 12 ISLANDS-ATOLLS cited out of PHL-7,100, EST-2,220, out of Africa, India, Europe, U.S, Australia, which, with peninsulas & safe-deserts, constitute Nature Refuges from viruses. ._______________________________________________________________________ Sn Barth 1 140 0.10% Timor-Leste 4 3 0.13% Cayman Ilnds 2 30 0.37% British Virg Ilnds 1 33 0.46% Grenada 1 9 0.63% Sn Vincent 12 118 0.63% Sn Martin 12 369 0.68% Turks & Caicos 17 480 0.71% New Zealand 26 5 0.99% Taiwan 12 1 1.02% Caribbean NL 16 636 1.02% Mauritius 17 13 1.39% ______________________________________ 1. 20-30% of Corona-Variants may slip through most borders[2]. 2. We replace terms like travel ban, immigration, with Diffusion Rates driven by 3 BDG forces as part of our Climate Thermodynamics. ['in']. 3. Perhaps some Governments study relocating some to VIRUS-FREE domestic & international locations? under strict Residential Distancing? 4. PRIVATE INVESTMENTS can help relocating to stop otherwise more than a million pandemic deaths and end this failing biochemistry-based-ONLY, and other effective extant measures. 5. New doctrine-philosophy stands apart in resolving the greatest life-or-death dilemma in history - a time-invariant humanity issue v. AIA Social MANIFESTO: Abuse Ideas' Authors, not their ideas, patents, designs, teaching, editorials, philosophy, science. REFERENCES [1] Data Sources: Thousands of dedicated Drs., Nursers, Health-Care Workers in ~180 nations daily reporting to US university JH, World Health Organization, WHO, on corona/variants reordered by this PRIVATE, NON--AFFILIATED, UN-FUNDED STUDY since Oct 22, 2020. youtube, ['in']. [2] and-Japan-hospitals-5-things-to-know

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-OrAcum 3 Zile
  • and the irony is you guy's changed your president in the era of pandemic and now you're making fun of rallies 🤣 #WesternMediaGotWeirdPropaganda

    Rupesh ParmarRupesh ParmarAcum 5 Zile
  • 14:00 The 95% coverage of the vaccine is regarding hospitalization and severe illness, not immunity per se. You can still get the virus and test positive. Because the CDC and Tony Fauci lied now that people caught up with it are angry and disappointed. Same old same old.

    GiuseppeMGiuseppeMAcum 5 Zile
  • So this video does not get flagged and removed for going against the CDC? Hmm selective censorship I see.

    CommandrXCommandrXAcum 6 Zile
  • Loved the viral rant.

    graybuddygraybuddyAcum 6 Zile
  • Flagging to see if ROones will take down this video for “breaking” community guidelines

    BTYS RequiemBTYS RequiemAcum 6 Zile
  • lol why do you keep changing your hoodie?

    Cassandra GrettenbergerCassandra GrettenbergerAcum 7 Zile
  • #MugClub this video should be banned, chanel demonitized, and put on a suspension just like everyone else who "puts people in danger speaking against the CDC guide lines" so I have to report it for misinformation and dangerous acts. And the fact that it's still up shows a double standard for people on ROones. Steven Crowder says hello😉👉

    Mississippi QueenMississippi QueenAcum 8 Zile
  • If they don’t want vaccines, send it to Africa and poor countries. Simple

    L CL CAcum 8 Zile

    Jay HarryJay HarryAcum 8 Zile
  • While some country's are crying for vaccines and others are ......

    xqxxqxAcum 9 Zile
  • Viruses don't mind all those fancy borders people

    Mateusz CMateusz CAcum 9 Zile
  • I love masks

    Fresh off wishFresh off wishAcum 9 Zile
  • India start supplying vaccine and other medicines to every nation when they are in need....what usa politicans did was really shameful act. Your states are refusing the vaccines and our states and doctors are crying for vaccine and oxygen.😭😖...And a BIG Thanks to Trevor who always points out what ever is right Thanks a lot man you always have my respect now u gained more brother.

    Nirmal kumarNirmal kumarAcum 9 Zile
  • Pray for India 🙏🙏🙏

    Delighted SoulDelighted SoulAcum 9 Zile
  • A few ppl I know who took the first vaccine encountered complications (illnesses) which scared them away from taking the 2nd

    Holly WilliamHolly WilliamAcum 9 Zile
    • Are you sure that they were not just experiencing the expected, though unpleasant, effects of having a vaccine! Headache and body aches and so on?

      mck2021mck2021Acum 5 Zile
  • Stay safe people🙏

    Bryan WellyBryan WellyAcum 9 Zile
  • Indian government is building a new parliament and a prime ministers residence NOW. In the peak of this pandemic. Maybe he can't properly see the mounts of funeral pyres from his old residence.

    Ashok PonnappanAshok PonnappanAcum 9 Zile
  • Biden has put a travel ban on Indians coming to the racist.

    Mr. Paul.Mr. Paul.Acum 9 Zile
  • All the funds collected as Covid relief were used for Election Rallies by the Indian Government. And really, all this is out there in the open. P.S.- I am an Indian living in India.

    SantanaSantanaAcum 9 Zile
  • 2:41 Incorrect map of India shown in this timestamp. This is highly disrespectful and request you to edit this

    Enlightened PikachuEnlightened PikachuAcum 9 Zile
  • You not funny..outdated.

    Geralt Of RiviaGeralt Of RiviaAcum 9 Zile
  • Trever Noah needs a haircut

    Titus AndronicusTitus AndronicusAcum 9 Zile
  • Drop the inaccurate weight loss comment around :11 Trevor 😠

    E K DaufinE K DaufinAcum 9 Zile
  • Lunch with 2 friends who are both fully vaccinated in one of your homes, with no other or only 2 other, fully vaccinated people in your home, that fits all 3 of your schedules and food preferences! Yeah that WOULD be AMAZING. 🤨😒

    E K DaufinE K DaufinAcum 9 Zile
  • He's quoting the cdc who does he think he is gov ron desandes report this man for misinformation now it'll be funny to see if youtube really has a double standard

    JjawesomecoolioJjawesomecoolioAcum 9 Zile
  • Take the masks off. Resist the tyrannical mandates. Non-compliance is the only way the madness ends.

    HexafooseHexafooseAcum 9 Zile
  • Hey yo please stop calling it a vaccine it doesn't fit there own guidelines of a vaccine and the political double standards and or hypocrisy when it comes to this. Or just do more of the same and continue this political divide when this shouldn't even be political in the begin with.

    turning of cheek not the solutionturning of cheek not the solutionAcum 9 Zile
  • Dont forget, vaccination is only one way to reach immunity and therefore herd immunity. Someone can also catch covid and survive it. There are of course those that wont reach immunity, but unfortunately their death will assist in reaching herd immunity, because, well.. they're just not part of the herd. That sux, and I'm not really trying to make any big joke, especially with family in the hospital, but the reality is it brings down the number of people who can catch, incubate (with a chance for possible mutation of the virus into something worse), and then spread covid to others. But as long as enough people get vaccinated, and others survive getting sick, we can still theoretically reach herd immunity. Let's hope it happens before the mutation. My question is, once we get everyone a shot who wants one, do we do like Britain and invite everyone to a concert to allow the anti vaxxers to get exposed, so we can more quickly reach that goal?

    Eric GossEric GossAcum 9 Zile
  • You deleted your latest video?

    Matias AlmadaMatias AlmadaAcum 9 Zile
  • You are just Biden puppet nothing more than that This is bogus joke only loved by you and leftist

    HLO इंडियाHLO इंडियाAcum 10 Zile
  • Why won't they send the vaccines to the places that need them????

    Marqita MilesMarqita MilesAcum 10 Zile
  • I got my shot and now I cant bend over!!! don't get it!!!

    keith andersonkeith andersonAcum 10 Zile
  • Fake news!

    Ralph WellowRalph WellowAcum 10 Zile
  • Hi can you speak about the tigray people, Everyday people starving and die.✌

    Maekele gebreslaseMaekele gebreslaseAcum 10 Zile
  • 😂😂😂vaccine promax

    Fatou SaidykhanFatou SaidykhanAcum 10 Zile
  • This should be flagged for being anti science.

    R. G.R. G.Acum 10 Zile
  • I'm only here to downvote and report as this goes against ROones's guidelines and much better channels like Louder with Crowder were banned for less than what Trevor Nolaughs said.

    ogEvanAlmightyogEvanAlmightyAcum 10 Zile
  • While I agree on most of your rant, gotta flag it because youtube's rules.... 🤷‍♀️

    Stephanie IlavskyStephanie IlavskyAcum 10 Zile
  • Who came here bc of Crowder?#mugclub

    cloverfak21cloverfak21Acum 10 Zile
  • You used to have jokes. Now you’re lame bc all you talk about is corona or vaccines. Reintroduce yourself as a spokesboy for pharma.

    Ruby MadrigalRuby MadrigalAcum 10 Zile

    Jacob JochemJacob JochemAcum 10 Zile
  • Trevor, I like your hair. Wild! And: I like your show - witty, cheeky, on the point.

    Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • Is everyone here from Louder with crowder 😂😂

    Christina BlizzardChristina BlizzardAcum 10 Zile
    • i am

      noobmasters69noobmasters69Acum 8 Zile
  • Crickets**

    Dan LandersDan LandersAcum 10 Zile
  • Trevor Noah should start handling news about India a bit more intelligently and shouldn't give in to deceit/bias peddled by anti-India people in USA, which now a days seem to be in significant numbers. He doesn't need to work for them indirectly. While you guys may have legitimate reason to support all kind of ultra leftist agendas in USA, but for India you should not peddle deceit on behalf of those guys in India. Modi did elections rallies in West Bengal and which has fairly low daily cases compared to those states where no elections were held. A tiny state of Kerala, with very tiny population has much more infections than most other bigger states and it had an election also, but given that Anti-Modi/Anti-India leftist propaganda driving forces in US are from the left fold or from Islamic countries, primarily Pakistan, and the Kerala government is supported by leftists and muslims which these forces do not want to oppose , so none of them cries about cases/election/rallies happening in Kerala. Even Tamil-Nadu also had elections/rallies. So the biased/deceitful people think only West Bengal had elections and rallies and in their imagination it is producing most of the new infection cases which in reality is happening in Maharastra and Kerala for many months. It is both dumb and almost deceitful to blindly peddle ultra-left propaganda against India/Modi. and also check the populations of the respective states to have some sense of comparison, of which states are doing worst. Here is the list- STATE CASES Daily (Change+) Maharashtra 47,22,401 56,647 Kerala 16,38,778 31,959 Karnataka 16,01,865 37,733 Uttar Pradesh 13,13,361 30,857 Tamil Nadu 12,07,112 20,768 Delhi 11,94,946 20,394 Andhra Pradesh 11,45,022 23,920 West Bengal 8,63,393 17,515 Chhattisgarh 7,56,427 11,825 Rajasthan 6,33,951 18,298 Gujarat 5,94,602 12,978

    Shashikant ShuklaShashikant ShuklaAcum 10 Zile
    • @mck2021 check the reasoning or facts, forget about comma, the commas are as per Indian numeral system, that is original system for your information.. they have things like Lakhs and crores, not millions and billions, you google to understand more.. again, try to talk at lie detector level, if you have confidence in your intellect and courage and unless your survival is at stake (in which case, i don't mind what you do)

      Shashikant ShuklaShashikant ShuklaAcum 5 Zile
    • I don’t know what your agenda is but you have put the commas in the number figures in the wrong place, thereby misrepresenting them.

      mck2021mck2021Acum 5 Zile
  • Press the like button if Steven Crowder brought you here.

  • How funny, how a big wig celebrity can say anything against the CDC guidelines, but us small folk can’t question it without being shutdown and censored.

    • And don't forget about the actual Drs who gave their input on the virus who were all banned... Wonder why he can get away with it 🤔

      Mississippi QueenMississippi QueenAcum 8 Zile
  • When are you going back to studio Trevor? I really miss to see daily show like before covid

    gg potgg potAcum 10 Zile
  • Love ❤️ all you need 🇮🇳

    Sunil SunnySunil SunnyAcum 10 Zile
  • Talk a lot more about India and west Bengal elections

    Adrian FonsecaAdrian FonsecaAcum 10 Zile
  • Lucky you're not right leaning or your channel would be flagged and demonetized for questioning the holy word of the CDC...

    Carlos ZaragosaCarlos ZaragosaAcum 10 Zile
  • This video is in violation of ROones guidelines regarding covid disinformation

    Matt CopernicusMatt CopernicusAcum 10 Zile
  • I didn't need cdc permission to live. I'm in Florida🖕

    xFourTwenty MOBxFourTwenty MOBAcum 10 Zile
  • Stop saying America needs to do this and that and say his name. Joe Biden. That's his job. Call him out.

    xFourTwenty MOBxFourTwenty MOBAcum 10 Zile
  • I've reported this for being Anti-mask and going against the CDC.

    Uglyandproud 7Uglyandproud 7Acum 10 Zile
  • P

    Rashida LeeRashida LeeAcum 10 Zile
  • I feel bad for you, since trump has been gone your jokes have gotten worse 😂 how does that happen, oh that's right cuz trump isn't the center anymore, get a life you corn ball

    Mr. BooomMr. BooomAcum 10 Zile
  • Sort of crazy how he gets to say about the CDC whatever he wants because of his political views. Bet he'd be banned instantly if he believed in equality of opportunity, free markets, and limited government. ROones/Democrat hypocrisy at 10 out of 10 today.

    Demitios KDemitios KAcum 10 Zile
    • @TheDaily Show With Trevor Noah Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum with whatsapp? For what reason ever would someone place a comment like this? Do you lefties see these sorts of comments often? Might mean scammers think you're gullible, which is a solid bet. I haven't see hardly any scam-type material on right-wing sources. Probably because we know BS when we see it and scammers know that.

      Demitios KDemitios KAcum 10 Zile
  • Great work, no complaints from me, but there may be a troll or two who cannot resist showing me that thinking for myself is wrong, and how incorrect I am to have enjoyed this entertainment party pack. Such is the human condition.

    Darryl CarnellDarryl CarnellAcum 10 Zile
  • I'm here because of Steven Crowder.

    13th Evergreen13th EvergreenAcum 10 Zile
  • So Noah can rant and not be banned from ROones but Crowder who has been banned and is constantly fighting censorship for saying the same things. If your from the left you are TEFLON DON! If you are not from the left (political shared views) you are suppressed and targeted senselessly.

    Keyboard GeorgeKeyboard GeorgeAcum 10 Zile
  • Wow you are not funny at all... You claim to be a comedian? You do know they tell jokes right?

    Andrew PullinsAndrew PullinsAcum 10 Zile
  • How come conservatives that speak out about this end up banned on ROones’s platform? Is Trevor Noah privileged from being banned when speaking about CDC guidelines regarding Covid? Trevor, YOUR BS 🖕🏾

    Matthew NaslMatthew NaslAcum 10 Zile
  • Anyone else here from Louder With Crowder to report this?

    Devan ArrandaleDevan ArrandaleAcum 10 Zile
  • This video should be flagged for a violation of community guidelines for going against the CDC.

    Crouton MCrouton MAcum 10 Zile
  • Mahdi out Donald Trump Donald Trump

    Ghost Light21Ghost Light21Acum 10 Zile
  • People are essential...whith OR out them journalism ;) n'est ce pas my friend métisse

    Filipe SeixasFilipe SeixasAcum 10 Zile
  • I have a bad feeling the CDC is just winging it.

    Pito VPito VAcum 10 Zile
    • 🤣🤣🤣 ya think

      Mississippi QueenMississippi QueenAcum 8 Zile
  • So this video bashing the CDC’s flip-flopping and general incoherence can stay up but thousands of others that have done the same get removed? Aight Susan, I see you.

    Spethman JonesSpethman JonesAcum 10 Zile
    • Kinda like a double standard 🤔 I guess it just really matters which side you're on dictates if your voice or pov can be heard...

      Mississippi QueenMississippi QueenAcum 4 Zile
  • ROones !!! Ban him!!!!!

    The Recovering LiberalThe Recovering LiberalAcum 10 Zile
    • democracy.......

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • You people have dove us straight into dystopia I hope your happy with your sheep selfs.

    J JjjjJ JjjjAcum 10 Zile
  • He is speaking against the CDC!!!! Remove him!!!!

    The Recovering LiberalThe Recovering LiberalAcum 10 Zile
  • Hey Trevor, are you going to apologize for calling out conservatives as "racist" because we said this same exact thing 2 weeks ago?

    canebro1canebro1Acum 10 Zile
  • India does not need the help of the world. The world needs to be protected from more than 1.2 billion Indians. I prefer longterm humanitarian goals rather than stopgap humanitarian measures.

    808 Big Island808 Big IslandAcum 10 Zile
    • @Anna Pondelik No, I do not remember colonialism. I am too young at age 54. Not all european countries have a colonial past nor engaged in active warfare nor economic warfare nor are true direct democracies and have a overly racist past. So, girl, the question is - are you from a civilized european country? Do you understand the idea of civilisation? I answer on your behalf. Females never engaged in progress. The human record of the past 30 000 years shows that clearly. All things invented, engineered are MAN made. Overpopulation and overconsumption are entirely female however (100% and 70%) and yet females only contribute 15% to a countries GDP. I live Hawaii, am originally from CH. I see the effects of colonialism on every corner here. So no guilt here, not even guilt by proxy. You are german, guiltridden and I ve seen the german atrocities in the homeland and in your ex-colony Namibia. Anna, you are female projecting and female shaming and blaming and live among barely civilized people without a direct democracy. We walled you in 3x in the past 1500 years. The last one was called the iron curtain and we pacified you after the females overwhelmingly supported a AH quest to colonialize the entire world. You are the problem and not the solution, girl.

      808 Big Island808 Big IslandAcum 6 Zile
    • every second- or third world nation needs help from the 'first' world nations. because WE ARE FIRST WORLD AFTER STEALING FROM THEM (I am European, yes! colonialism.. do you remember..?)

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • You are correct that the CDC keeps contradicting itself. Unfortunately, saying anything bad about the CDC is a violation of ROones policy, therefore I am required to report this video as misleading information.

    canebro1canebro1Acum 10 Zile
    • 👏👏👏👏 Yes exactly me as well.

      Mississippi QueenMississippi QueenAcum 8 Zile
  • Thank you for your reports Trevor. You keep me sane 😊

    RaymarRaymarAcum 10 Zile
  • Trevor talking out against the CDC mask guidelines. I'm sure this video will get his channel banned right? I mean he's directly challenging the CDCs guidance.

    xtry511xtry511Acum 10 Zile
    • @Anna Pondelik The "guidance" is a joke. It contradicts itself every few weeks, but unless you're a lefty your videos get removed if you question the overlords. But no need to worry Anna, Trevor is left of communist so this video will be fine even though it shouldn't be.

      G. GrahamG. GrahamAcum 8 Zile
    • because the "guidance" is misleading, look at it..!

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • We are trying hard to fight Covid 19 ... Please don't care about us you common people your governments are already helping us....... And please do some research.... The festival was before covid19

    Mysterious PizzaMysterious PizzaAcum 10 Zile
  • Don't target Hindus.... You**** 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Mysterious PizzaMysterious PizzaAcum 10 Zile
  • 4:53 that is racist against indians. Trevor Noah is a racist!

    ClustClustAcum 10 Zile
  • FREE STUFF! C’mon, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

    Andy PowellAndy PowellAcum 10 Zile
  • Oh, look, Trevor Noah has taken the red pill. Watch out, man, that viral rant goes against ROones's Community Guidelines. Lets see if they apply their policies fairly.

    thisisonethisisoneAcum 10 Zile
  • So I guess Trevor Noah can speak out against the CDC but anyone else not part of a particular group get terms of service violations from ROones. Well done 👍

    DPMDPMAcum 10 Zile
  • Is this fool talking against the CDC guidelines ?

    Jannie GroenewaldJannie GroenewaldAcum 10 Zile
  • This rant against masks goes against CDC guidelines. This makes this misleading information about COVID and should be removed. Oh Yal, he’s a liberal. Ok, no worries carry on. Only the conservative channels get banned for that

    Pinkbunny27Pinkbunny27Acum 10 Zile
    • This rant is ON THE SPOT. Because the information about masks was misleading FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. You cannot not wear a mask if you're not vaccinated, full stop. And masks do not endanger your health, full stop.

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • How dare you deny CDC science, it’s not their fault you’re not woke enough to understand their “woke science feelings”.

    Gulo gulo SkunkbearGulo gulo SkunkbearAcum 10 Zile
  • 444 comments and 2k likes but 140k views. That's hilarious. These videos are so botted. Came from crowder. ;)

    Uphill-EvolutionUphill-EvolutionAcum 10 Zile
  • If youtube is even going to pretend to hold the same rules for everyone then this video should be banned for going against the all mighty CDC. Videos have already been banned for saying far less.

    muRiboflavinmuRiboflavinAcum 10 Zile
  • Who else is here from Crowder? Thanks for speaking out against the ridiculousness of the CDC guidelines Trevor! Sadly this means you are violating ROones's guidelines and I must report this video as misleading.

    Houston LambHouston LambAcum 10 Zile
  • I wonder how many of those hoodies in different colours does Trevor have?

    Łukasz LupaŁukasz LupaAcum 10 Zile
  • Wow... kind of sounds like a far-right science denier. ROones better remove this video before his racist rhetoric kills people.

    I eat crayonsI eat crayonsAcum 10 Zile
  • You’re calling the CDC guidelines trash?!? While I agree with you, isn’t this grounds for this video being banned from ROones?? Or are you protected because of your political leaning?

    Eddie RomeroEddie RomeroAcum 10 Zile
  • So wait, you've spent the last year trying to humiliate people for the beliefs you just expressed in your "viral rant". Hypocrisy much?

    MrAndersonPlaysGamesMrAndersonPlaysGamesAcum 10 Zile
  • Will this video and Trevor be banned? Breaks community guidelines against the CDC and is Anti-Masking.

    Uglyandproud 7Uglyandproud 7Acum 10 Zile
    • quote "the cdc and biden are sending mixed messages about mask wearing &it only shows how clueless they really are about covid" ... did you get it now..?

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile
  • He is talking about the exact same things that Steven Crowder discusses with exact same point of view. Why was Crowder banned and yet this video isn't?

    Stacie BarnDwellerStacie BarnDwellerAcum 10 Zile
    • Yeah weird that Trevor can say the same things that Crowder has always been saying. Sounds like a volition of te guidelines to me

      Emily BonsantEmily BonsantAcum 10 Zile
  • Oh oh! Are you speaking out against the CDC??? How dare you! Flagged!

    Alstroemeria227Alstroemeria227Acum 10 Zile
  • Breaks community guidelines... speaking again CDC

    Chase AinsworthChase AinsworthAcum 10 Zile
    • ... how does he get away with this video ???

      tan j maztan j mazAcum 6 Zile
  • How is it OK to talk disrespectfully about half of America for no other reason than you don’t like one person? This is why we have division in the United States. Not because of our 45th president but because of rich talk show hosts that want to continue to divide the country. Stop it. Let's move on and heal.

    David HarperDavid HarperAcum 10 Zile
    • heal while shooting every non-'white' person? heal while thinking your country 'the best' in the world and therefor putting others down? heal while banning darwin's and other scientists' science from schools to teach creationism instead? buddy, this will be a loooooong way towards healing.

      Anna PondelikAnna PondelikAcum 10 Zile